if you can't say nothin' nice don't say nothin'

: back home. getting ready for a full week of work. x


fall out

: i'm back, last week was so frustrating, thank god today is my day off, sadly i will work on saturday, the good side is that only for 4hrs. x


happy to lay here and be here, happy to know you

: I spend my Sunday on bed resting from a week with a lot of work. x


style of eye

: tonight we gonna party all night. x


mondays are always the same


buenos dias!!

: it's Sunday, time to spend curled up in bed with handsome boyfriend. x


with a bottle of jack..

: im gonna get my bfff Marco wasted, because we gonna celebrated his b-day. x


for some days

: i'm gonna take a delicious nap. by the way, am i the only one craving junkfood?. x


i'm in here

: Today I woke up in a warm bed. ate a pizza with Steffy who came to visit. studied a little French and relaxed on the sofa, now I'm sitting here listening to Devendra. will soon take a nice shower and relax a bit more on the sofa in front of a good movie or something. puss. x


brrr freezing

: It's monday and the weather is cold with a little rain, I wish to stay in bed all day. x


sparks of darkness

: Tacka gud är fredag! My sweet inspiration for tonight, I'm gonna hanging out to night with my handsome bf. x